Quick service. When I arrived no one was at the counter but it was a slow point of the day so couldn't be helped. Food was ready when I arrived and they double checked that my request of no onions was fulfilled before giving me the food. I noted some seasoning of some sort I could taste on the chicken but it was very light and couldn't pin point if it was on the chicken or some of the fried rice or veggies.
The food was great andvthis online process wonderful.
Great way to order, food was great!
The food was tasty. However I use the online order feature. They did not receive the order. I arrived 15 minutes after making the online order. It was not ready I had to wait an additional 15 minutes for the order to be prepared. Taxes were also charged using the online feature. If you call in and order, no taxes are charged. This was a $3 trip fee. I will never use online ordering again.
Any questions please call us.